6.1.2. Check of spherical hinges of steering drafts

First of all check movement of tips of drafts along an axis of fingers. For this purpose, using the lever and a support, move a tip parallel to a finger axis.
Axial movement of a tip concerning a finger has to be 1–1,5 mm. Such movement demonstrates that the insert of a finger is not jammed in a nest of a tip of draft and moves together with a finger, squeezing a spring. Replace the hinge with the jammed insert.
Shaking a steering wheel in both parties, to the touch check lack of a free wheeling in hinges of steering drafts. If the free wheeling in the spherical hinge is felt, replace a tip of draft or steering draft assembled.
Check a condition of protective caps of spherical hinges of steering drafts.
If protective caps in good shape also provide purity in hinges, then service life of the last is almost not limited. At hit in the hinge of moisture, dust etc. there is a premature wear of its details.
The cap needs to be replaced if it has cracks, gaps, and also if lubricant gets outside when squeezing by his fingers of hands.