6.1.5. Check and adjustment of a gap in gearing of a roller with a worm of the steering mechanism

Having convinced that there is no axial movement of a worm in bearings, a stripper of A.47035 to a vypressuyta fingers of spherical hinges from openings in a bipod and disconnect drafts from a bipod, keeping at the same time the rectilinear provision of forward wheels.
Shaking a bipod for a head, check whether there is no gap in gearing of a roller and a worm. Within turn of a steering wheel on 30 ° in each party from the neutral provision, a gap, i.e. a notable free wheeling of a bipod, should not be.

Fig. 6-2. Section of a case of the steering mechanism: 1 — a plate of the adjusting screw of a shaft of a bipod; 2 — the adjusting screw of a shaft of a bipod; 3 — a nut of the adjusting screw; 4 — a stopper of an oil-filling opening; 5 — a cover of a case of the steering mechanism; 6 — a worm; 7 — a case of the steering mechanism; 8 — a bipod; 9 — a nut of fastening of a bipod to a shaft; 10 — a washer spring; 11 — a bipod shaft epiploon; 12 — the bipod shaft plug; 13 — a bipod shaft; 14 — a bipod shaft roller; 15 — a shaft of a worm; 16 — the top ball-bearing; 17 — the lower ball-bearing; 18 — adjusting laying; 19 — the lower cover of the bearing of a worm; 20 — a roller axis; 21 — the ball bearing of a roller; 22 — an epiploon of a shaft of a worm; In, With — tags

If the free wheeling of a bipod is felt, weaken a nut of 3 (fig. 6-2) of the adjusting screw and, having raised a lock washer, wrap the adjusting screw 2 before elimination of a gap. Too do not tighten the adjusting screw. Then, holding the adjusting screw with the screw-driver, tighten a nut 3.
Having convinced that the bipod does not move, connect to it fingers of spherical hinges. Check effort of turn of a steering wheel. If it exceeds 196 N (20 kgfs), weaken the adjusting screw 2.