6.2.3. Check and repair

Carefully examine whether is not present on working surfaces of a roller and a worm of wear tracks, jammings, dents or рисок. Replace the worn-out and damaged details.
Check gap size between plugs and shaft of a bipod which should not exceed 0,10 mm. If the gap is more specified, then replace plugs, using a mandrel of A.74105.
On the internal surface of plugs of a shaft of a bipod there are spiral flutes which come only to one party of the plug. At a press fitting of the plug have so that their end faces having an exit of flutes were in a case opening, and exits of flutes were located against each other. End faces of plugs have to roll in a case opening on 1,5 mm.
Oil new plugs before a press fitting gearbox.
After a press fitting in a case finally process plugs development of A.90336 to the size of 28,698-28,720 mm. The assembly gap between shaft of a bipod and plugs has to be within 0,008–0,051 mm.
Check ease of rotation of a roller of a shaft of a bipod on the ball bearing.
Ball bearings of a worm and roller have to rotate freely, without jamming and on a surface of rings and balls there should not be a wear and damages.

Fig. 6-6. Details of a case of the steering mechanism: 1 — a case; 2 — a bipod; 3 — the lower cover of a case; 4 — adjusting laying; 5 — an external ring of the bearing of a shaft of a worm; 6 — a separator with balls; 7 — a bipod shaft; 8 — the adjusting screw; 9 — an adjusting plate; 10 — a lock washer; 11 — a shaft of a worm; 12 — the top cover of a case; 13 — sealing laying; 14 — the bipod shaft plug; 15 — an epiploon of a shaft of a worm; 16 — a bipod shaft epiploon

Check an axial gap between a head of the adjusting screw 8 (see fig. 6-6) and a groove of a shaft of a bipod 7. The gap should not exceed 0,05 mm. If it is more, replace an adjusting plate 9 with a plate of bigger thickness.

Fig. 6-3. Details of the steering mechanism: 1 — a case of the steering mechanism; 2 — a shaft sealant; 3 — an intermediate shaft; 4 — the top shaft; 5 — the fixing plate of a forward part of an arm; 6 — an arm of fastening of a shaft of steering; 7 — the top part of a facing casing; 8 — the bearing plug; 9 — the bearing; 10 — a steering wheel; 11 — the lower part of a facing casing; 12 — details of fastening of an arm

Check a condition of the fixing plates 5 (see fig. 6-3). If they are deformed, replace them.

In spare parts adjusting plates of eleven sizes, from 1,95 to 2,20 mm thick are delivered; increase in each size makes 0,025 mm.