6.3.1. Removal and installation

Rasshplintuyte also turn off nuts which spherical fingers of side drafts fasten to levers on rotary fists.

Fig. 6-10. Removal of spherical fingers of drafts of a steering trapeze: 1 — a wrench; 2 — a stripper of A.47052; 3 — the spherical hinge; 4 — the lever of a rotary fist

Stripper of A.47052 (fig. 6-10) take out spherical fingers from conic nests on levers.
Rasshplintuyte also turn off nuts of fastening of spherical fingers of average and side thirsts for a bipod and to the pendular lever. Using a stripper of A.47035, take out fingers from the corresponding nests on levers and remove drafts.
You make installation of drafts of the steering drive as it should be, the return to removal. Tighten all nuts of spherical fingers a dynamometer key with the subsequent shplintovka. If the cut of a nut does not coincide with an opening for the forelock, then tighten a nut on a corner, smaller 60 °, for providing a shplintovka. After installation adjust a convergence of forward wheels.