6.4.1. Removal and dismantling

For removal of an arm of the pendular lever separate the pendular lever from spherical fingers of average and side drafts, расшплинтовав both having turned off previously nuts and having taken out a stripper of A.47035 spherical fingers from lever nests. Then turn off bolts of fastening of an arm to a longeron and remove an arm.

Fig. 6-12. Section of an arm of the pendular lever: 1 — the pendular lever; 2 — the arm case; 3 — a washer; 4 — an adjusting nut; 5 — the forelock; 6 — the top washer; 7 — a sealant; 8 — the plug; 9 – lever axis; 10 — the lower washer; 11 — самоконтрящаяся a nut

Fix an arm in a vice, a rasshplintuyta and turn off a nut of 4 (fig. 6-12), then remove washers 3 and 6 and the pendular lever 1 assembled with axis 9, a washer 10 and самоконтрящейся a nut 11, remove a sealant 7 and a vypressuyta of the plug 8.