7.1.1. Check of pipelines and connections

For the prevention of sudden failure of the brake system carefully check a condition of all pipelines:
— metal pipelines should not have dents, cracks and have to be located far from sharp edges which can damage them;
— brake hoses should not have through cracks on an external cover and should not adjoin to the mineral oils dissolving rubber; strong pressing a pedal of a brake check whether will appear on swelling hoses, confirming their unfitness;
— all brackets of fastening of pipelines have to be well tightened; weakening of fastenings leads to the vibration causing breakages;
— leak of liquid from unions is not allowed; if necessary tighten nuts to the full, without subjecting deformation pipelines.
Replace details new if there is the slightest doubt in their suitability.
Replace flexible hoses irrespective of their state new after 100 000 km of a run or after five years of operation of the car to warn sudden gaps owing to aging.
In five years of operation it is recommended to replace brake fluid new.