7.5.3. Check of details

Before assembly wash out all details isopropyl alcohol; dry up them a stream of compressed air or wipe with a pure rag, without allowing their contact with mineral oil, kerosene or diesel fuel which can damage to sealants.
The mirror of the cylinder and the working surface of pistons have to be absolutely pure, without rust, рисок and other defects. The increased gap between the cylinder and pistons is inadmissible.

Time of washing of sealing rings in isopropyl alcohol no more than 20 with with the subsequent blowing by compressed air.

At each dismantling of the cylinder replace a sealant new even if by the form they in good shape.
Check elasticity of a spring of the piston which length has to be: under load of 34,3+6,9 N (3,5+0,7 kgfs) — 36 mm, under load of 62,2+9,8 N (6,35+1,0 kgfs) — 21 mm, in a free state — 57,5 mm.