7.5.4. Check of tightness of the main cylinder

Fig. 7-10. Scheme of check of tightness of the main cylinder: 1 — the valve for pumping of the stand; 2 — the manometer; 3 — the absorbing cylinder; 4 — the main cylinder; 5 — a flywheel; 6 — the index of shift of a pusher; 7 — the crane; 8 — a vessel

Install the main cylinder on the stand and connect it to stand elements, as shown in fig. 7-10.
Open the valve 1 for pumping of the stand and, moving several times pistons of the main cylinder at the full length of their course, pump over system. Then close the valve 1.
Rotating a flywheel 5, slowly move pistons of the main cylinder until pressure controlled by manometers 2 does not reach 12,5 MPas (125 kgfs/cm2). In this situation block a pusher of the main cylinder. The specified pressure has to remain constant not less than 5 pages.
In cases of leak of liquid or not preservation of constant pressure during 5 with replace a sealant of pistons of the cylinder.