7.6.2. Removal and installation

Removal. Lift a forward part of the car, establish supports and remove a wheel. Unscrew the union, disconnect a flexible hose of a brake from the highway; muffle openings of a hose and a steel tube to prevent leak of brake fluid.

Fig. 7-11. Brake mechanism of a forward wheel: 1 — the union for pumping of the drive of forward brakes; 2 — a connecting tube of working cylinders; 3 — a wire of a signaling device of wear of overlays of brake shoes; 4 — the piston of the wheel cylinder; 5 — a clamp of the wheel cylinder; 6 — an overlay of a brake shoe; 7 — a sealing ring; 8 — a dustproof cap; 9 — fingers of fastening of blocks; 10 — a bolt of fastening of a support to an arm; 11 — a rotary fist; 12 — an arm of fastening of a support; 13 — a support; 14 — the protection cover; 15 — the forelock; 16 — a clamping spring of a block; 17 — brake shoes; 18 — the wheel cylinder; 19 — a brake disk

Having disconnected wires of 3 (fig. 7-11) of signaling devices of wear of forward blocks from shtekerny connections of wires, take out forelocks 15, and then fingers 9 with springs, remove springs 16 and brake shoes 17. Mark blocks that at assembly to establish them on former places.
Having unbent lock plates, turn off two bolts 10 which the support fastens to an arm, and remove a support.

Removal of a forward brake (without brake disk) assembled with brake shoes is allowed. At the same time it is enough to separate shtekkerny connections of wires of a signaling device of wear of overlays of brake shoes, to disconnect a hose of a support and to turn off bolts of the 10th fastening of a support.

Installation of a support of a forward brake is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
After installation restore the level of brake fluid in a tank and pump over system for removal of air.