7.6.3. Dismantling and assembly

Fig. 7-12. Details of a support of a forward brake: 1 — the piston; 2 — a dustproof cap; 3 — a sealing ring; 4 — a support with cylinders; 5 — a connecting tube of wheel cylinders; 6 — the union of production of air; 7 — clamping springs of blocks; 8 — fingers of fastening of brake shoes; 9 — forelocks; 10 — springs; 11 — a wire of a signaling device of wear of slips; 12 — brake shoes

Disconnect a tube of 5 (fig. 7-12) and remove from cylinders dustproof caps 2.
Then, forcing a stream of compressed air through an inlet opening for brake fluid, push out pistons 1 of cylinders on a support 4 and take out sealing rings 3 of cylinders.
You carry out assembly of a forward brake to the sequences, the return dismantling. Grease sealing rings, pistons and a mirror of the cylinder at assembly with brake fluid. After installation restore the level of brake fluid and pump over system of a hydraulic actuator.