7.6.5. Check of a beating of a brake disk

Fig. 7-13. Check of an axial beating of a brake disk: 1 — a magnetic support; 2 — the indicator; 3 — a brake disk

Check an axial beating of a brake disk, without removing it from the car (fig. 7-13). The greatest admissible beating on the indicator — 0,15 mm; if the beating is more, pierce a disk, using a mandrel 67.7141.9500, then its proshlifuyta, but the final thickness of a disk should not be less than 9,5 mm.
At damage or very deep risks, and also at the wear exceeding 0,5 mm on each party replace a disk new.

It is necessary to change a brake disk only together with a nave of bearings of a forward wheel as its final processing is made assembled with a nave.

Removal and installation of a nave with a brake disk are described in the section "Running gear".