7.7.1. Removal and dismantling

Lift back hour of the car and remove a wheel.
Take the measures which are not allowing leak of liquid from a tank.

Fig. 7-14. Brake drum of a back wheel: 1 — bolts of fastening of a drum to a half shaft; 2 — carving openings for installation of bolts 1 at removal of a drum

Remove the brake drum, having turned off fixing bolts of 1 (fig. 7-14). Insert these bolts into technological openings 2 and turn to office of a drum.

Fig. 7-15. Brake mechanism of a back wheel: 1 — the wheel cylinder; 2 — the top coupling spring of blocks; 3 — an overlay of a block; 4 — a brake board; 5 — an internal plate; 6 — a cover of a back cable; 7 — the lower coupling spring of blocks; 8 — a front brake shoe; 9 — a basic plate of blocks; 10 — rivets; 11 — a maslootrazhatel; 12 — the directing plate of blocks; 13 — a back cable of the parking brake; 14 — a spring of a back cable; 15 — a tip of a back cable; 16 — a back brake shoe; 17 — a basic rack of a block; 18 — the lever of the manual drive of blocks; 19 — rubber pillows; 20 — an expansion level of blocks; 21 — a finger of the lever of the manual drive of blocks

Disconnect a tip of the 15th cable from the lever 18 (fig. 7-15) of the manual drive of blocks, remove the forelock, press a finger 21 and remove the lever.
Disconnect flat-nose pliers top 2 and lower the 7th coupling springs.
Having turned cups of basic racks 17, remove them together with racks, springs and the lower cups; remove blocks 8 and 16 and an expansion level 20.
Disconnect a tube of a supply of brake fluid from the wheel cylinder and muffle entrance openings of the cylinder and a tube.
Remove the wheel cylinder.
When replacing a brake board remove a half shaft as it is specified in the head "Zadny Bridge", and disconnect a cable of the drive of the parking brake, having turned out two bolts of fastening to a brake board.