8.10.1. Repair

Data for check
Frequency of rotation of a shaft at electric motor loading a krylchatka at a voltage of 12 V and temperature of (25±10) °C, mines-1        3000±150
The consumed current  at the specified loading and frequency of rotation        , no more, than A 4,5
Small frequency of rotation of a shaft of an anchor with a krylchatka, min.-1        2200±150
The consumed current with a frequency of rotation of an anchor of 2200 min.-1        , no more, than A 2,7

Fig. 8-39. Scheme of turning on of the electric motor of the fan of a heater: 1 — the assembly block; 2 — the heater electric motor switch; 3 — the additional resistor; 4 — the heater electric motor; 5 — the ignition switch; And — to a conclusion "30" generators

The ME-255 electric motor — a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets. The scheme of turning on of the electric motor is provided on fig. 8-39.
At inclusion in a power-supply circuit of the electric motor of the additional resistor 3 the shaft of an anchor rotates with the reduced frequency. The resistor fastens two spring washers in a heater fan casing. Resistor resistance size — 1,5 Ohms at 20 °C.
The faulty electric motor is recommended to be replaced, as a rule, new. The unique repair is a cleaning of a collector.

Fig. 8-40. Heater electric motor details: 1 — a lock washer; 2 — washers; 3 — the case; 4 — an anchor; 5 — crackers; 6 — a cover

For dismantling of the electric motor it is necessary to unscrew screws of fastening of a cover of 6 (fig. 8-40) and to remove it. Then it is necessary to remove from an anchor shaft a lock washer 1 and to take out an anchor 4 of the case. Assembly is made upside-down.
Check of technical condition is similar described above for the electric motor of screenwash.