8.11. Engine cooling system fan electric motor

Data for check
Nominal frequency of rotation of a shaft at loading of the electric motor krylchatky, min.-1        2500–2800
The consumed current at the specified loading and frequency of rotation, And,       no more than 14

ME-272 electric motors or to them similar productions of Slovenia are used to the drive of the fan of the cooling system of the engine. Electric motors of a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets. They do not need service and in case of malfunction have to be replaced with new.

Fig. 8-41. Scheme of turning on of the electric motor of the fan of the cooling system of the engine: 1 — the fan electric motor; 2 — the sensor of turning on of the electric motor; 3 — the assembly block; 4 — the ignition relay; 5 — the ignition switch; P4 — the relay of turning on of the electric motor; And — to a conclusion "30" generators

The electric motor turns on the sensor 2 (fig. 8-41) of the TM-108 type which is installed at brass radiators in the lower tank of a radiator on the left side, and on aluminum radiators — in the lower part of the right tank. Temperature of short circuit of contacts of the sensor (92±2) °C, and disconnections (87±2) °C. Temperature of operation is marked on the sensor case.
The P4 relay of type 113.1347 described in the head "Lighting and the light alarm system" is installed in the assembly block in a motor compartment.