8.12.1. Possible malfunctions of the electric motor of a heater, their reason and methods of elimination

Cause of defect
Elimination method
The electric motor does not work
1. Wires are damaged or connections were oxidized
1. Check and restore connections. Replace
the damaged wires
2. The safety lock 1 in the assembly block fused
2. Replace a safety lock
3. The heater switch - tension is damaged
does not move for the weekend switch plugs
3. Check the switch, if necessary replace new
4. Lag or wear of brushes of the electric motor, break in a winding of an anchor or pollution of a collector
4. Check the electric motor, repair or
5. Short circuit on the mass of a winding of an anchor - at turning on of the electric motor burns down a safety lock
5. Replace the electric motor
The electric motor works only at one speed
1. Wires are damaged or connections of wires were oxidized
1. Replace the damaged wires, smooth out tips of wires
2. The heater switch is damaged
2. Replace the switch
3. The additional resistor fused
3. Replace the resistor
The anchor of the electric motor rotates slowly
1. Pollution or oxidation of a collector, wear of brushes
1. Smooth out a collector, replace brushes
2. Mezhvitkovy short circuit in an anchor winding
2. Replace the electric motor
3. Jamming of a shaft of an anchor in bearings
3. Disassemble the electric motor, smooth out shaft necks