8.12.2. Removal of a combination of devices

For removal of a combination of devices it is necessary to remove at first a guard of devices since the combination is attached to it behind by six screws (two above, two from below and one on each side). The guard of devices fastens to the dashboard by means of a ledge by which it is hooked for edge of a nest of the dashboard at the left, and on the right — the bolt located under a board of a symbol of heating of a windshield.
Remove a combination of devices in the following order:
— remove handles from control levers a heater for what in a junction of handles with levers unbend the thin sharp tool at two top handles the lower part, and at lower — the top part;
— take out from a guard of devices of a board of a symbol of heating of a windshield, located to the right of control levers a heater;
— turn off a bolt of fastening of a guard of devices and, having pulled to themselves the right edge of a guard, take out it from a dashboard nest;
— disconnect from a combination of devices of a wire and a flexible shaft of the drive of a speedometer, and from the dashboard — a rope of dumping of indications of the daily counter of a speedometer;
— having turned out fastening screws, disconnect a combination of devices from a guard.
Carry out installation of a combination of devices as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time pay special attention to installation of a flexible shaft of the drive of a speedometer. The flexible shaft on all route should not have interlacings with a plait of wires and with cables of management of a heater. Its covers leading to residual deformation are not carried too far in bulk. Radiuses of a bend of a shaft have to be more than 100 mm.