8.2.1. Possible malfunctions of rechargeable batteries, their reasons and methods of elimination

Cause of defect
Elimination method
The category of the battery at operation of the car
1. Slipping of a belt of the drive of the generator
1. Adjust a belt tension
2. Excessive pollution of a surface of the battery
2. Clear the surface of the battery
3. Damage of isolation to system of electric equipment (category current more than 11 мА at the disconnected consumers)
3. Find the place of leakage of current and eliminate damage
4. Connection of new consumers by the owner of the car over admissible limits
4. Disconnect new consumers of the electric power
5. The generator is faulty
5. Check the generator
6. Electrolyte pollution by foreign impurity
6. Charge the battery, merge electrolyte, wash out, fill in fresh electrolyte and again charge the battery
7. Short circuit between plates
7. Replace the battery
8. Level of electrolyte is lower than the top edge of plates
8. Restore the normal level of electrolyte
Electrolyte on the surface of the battery
1. The increased electrolyte level bringing to
to slopping
1. Establish the normal level of electrolyte
2. Infiltration of electrolyte through cracks in the case
2. Replace the battery
3. Boiling of electrolyte because of very high voltage of the generator
3. Check reliability of connection with "mass" of the case of the regulator of tension and correctness of accession of wires to it; adjust or replace tension regulator
4. Boiling of electrolyte and an overheat of the battery because of sulphation of plates
4. Replace the battery