8.2.3. Reduction of the sukhozaryazhenny battery in the working condition

On the cars leaving from the plant the rechargeable batteries which are filled in with electrolyte and charged are installed.
Can come to spare parts of the battery without electrolyte, sukhozaryazhenny. For reduction of such battery in the working condition it is necessary to remove the available technological traffic jams or the pressurizing tape. Then a small stream through a funnel (glass or from acid resisting plastic) to fill in in the battery electrolyte with density (specified to 25 °C) of 1,28 g/cm3 for areas with a temperate climate or 1,23 g/cm3 for tropics. Operations of reduction of the battery in the working condition have to be carried out at the ambient temperature of (25±10) °C.
Sustain the battery of 20 min. that plates and separators became impregnated with electrolyte. Then check battery tension without loading.
If tension battery not less than 12,5 In, then it is ready for work. At a voltage less than 12,5 V, but more than 10,5 In, the battery has to be recharged up to the tension specified by manufacturer. At a tension the smaller or equal 10,5 B rechargeable battery is rejected.
As a result of impregnation of separators and plates electrolyte level in the battery will inevitably go down. Therefore before installing the battery on the car, it is necessary to bring level to norm, adding electrolyte of the same density, as at the beginning of filling.
It is necessary to charge the battery after electrolyte filling surely if:
— initial operation of the battery will happen under trying conditions: in cold weather, with frequent launches of the engine, etc.;
— the battery was stored more than 12 months from date of issue.