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8.2.4. Check of level of electrolyte

Electrolyte level has to be in all elements of the battery between lines with the tags of "MIN" and "MAX" applied on the translucent case of the rechargeable battery. Operation of the battery with electrolyte level below the line with a tag of "MIN" is not allowed.
If there are no tags of "MIN" and "MAX" on the case of the rechargeable battery, then the level of electrolyte has to be 5-10 mm higher than the top edge of separators and not rise above bottom edge of a jellied mouth.
At operation of the battery electrolyte level gradually goes down as the water which is its part evaporates. For restoration of level of electrolyte add only the distilled water.
If it is precisely established that slopping is the reason of low level, then add electrolyte of the same density, as remained in a battery element.
If level is higher than norm, then suck away electrolyte a rubber pear with an ebonite tip.