Check of the generator at the stand

Fig. 8-7. The scheme of connections for check of the generator 37.3701 at the stand: 1 — the generator;
2 — a control lamp of 12 V, 3 W; 3 — the voltmeter; 4 — the ampermeter; 5 — a rheostat; 6 — the switch;
7 — the rechargeable battery

Check at the stand allows to define serviceability of the generator and compliance of its characteristics nominal. At the checked generator of a brush rings have to be ground well in by pure to contact rings of a collector, and. Install the generator on the stand and execute connections as it is specified fig. 8-7. At the G-222 generator the plug "15" connects directly to a conclusion "30" generators.
Turn on the stand electric motor, 5 establish by a rheostat tension at the exit of the generator of 13 V and finish the frequency of rotation of a rotor up to 5000 min.-1. Let's the generator work on this mode not less than 10 min., and then measure return current. The serviceable generator has to have it not less than 55 And (45 A at the G-222 generator).
If the measured size of the given current is less, then it speaks about malfunctions in windings of the stator and a rotor, about damage of diodes of the vypryamitelny block. In this case careful check of windings and diodes is necessary to define the place of malfunction.
Tension at the exit of the generator is checked with a frequency of rotation of a rotor of 5000 min.-1. 5 establish by a rheostat current of return 15 A and measure tension at the generator exit which has to be (14,1±0,5) B at a temperature of air and the generator (25±10) °C.
If tension does not keep within the specified limits, then replace tension regulator new, obviously serviceable, and repeat check. If tension is normal, then, therefore, the old regulator of tension is damaged and it needs to be replaced. And if tension still does not keep within the limits stated above, then it is necessary to check windings and diodes of the generator.