Check of additional diodes at the generator 37.3701

Short circuit of additional diodes can be checked without removal and dismantling of the generator. Also as well as for check of diodes of the vypryamitelny block, at the same time it is necessary to disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery and the generator and a wire from a conclusion "In" tension regulator.
"Plus" attach batteries through a lamp (1–3 W, 12 V) to a conclusion of "61" generators, and "minus" — to one of bolts of fastening of the vypryamitelny block.
If the lamp lights up, then in some of additional diodes there is a short circuit. It is possible to find the damaged diode, having only removed the vypryamitelny block and checking each diode separately.
The break in additional diodes can be found an oscillograph on distortion of a curve of tension on the plug "61", and also on the low voltage (it is lower than 14 V) on the plug "61" with an average frequency of rotation of a rotor of the generator.