Check of the regulator of tension

Operation of the regulator of tension consists in continuous and automatic change of current of excitement of the generator so that tension of the generator was supported in the set limits at change of frequency of rotation and current of loading of the generator.
Check on the car. For check it is necessary to have the voltmeter of a direct current with a scale to 15–30 V, 1,0 are not worse than a class of accuracy.
After 15 min. operation of the engine on average turns at the included headlights measure tension between the 30 plug and mass of the generator. Tension has to is in limits of 13,6-14,6 Century.
In case it is observed systematic недозаряд or the recharge of the rechargeable battery and adjustable tension does not keep within the specified limits, the regulator of tension needs to be replaced.

Fig. 8-10. Check of the regulator of tension at the generator 37.3701: and — release since 1996; — release till 1996; 1 — the rechargeable battery; 2 — a conclusion "mass" of the regulator of tension; 3 — tension regulator; 4 – conclusion "Ш" of the regulator; 5 — a conclusion "In" the regulator; 6 — a control lamp; 7 — a conclusion of "B" of the regulator of tension

Fig. 8-11. Check of the regulator of tension at the G-222 generator: 1 — the rechargeable battery; 2 — tension regulator; 3 — a control lamp

Check of the removed regulator. The regulator removed from the generator is checked according to the schemes provided on fig. 8-10 and 8-11. It is better to check the generator 37.3701 regulator used till 1996 assembled with the brush holder (see fig. 8-10, b) as at the same time it is possible to find breaks of conclusions of brushes and bad contact between conclusions of the regulator of tension and the brush holder at once.
Between brushes (or between conclusions "Ш" and "In" the regulator at the G-222 generator) include a lamp of 1-3 W, 12 V. K to conclusions "In", "B" (if he is) and attach the power supply to the mass of the regulator at first of 12 V, and then of 15-16 V.
If the regulator is serviceable, then in the first case the lamp has to burn, and in the second — to die away.
If the lamp burns in both cases, then in the regulator breakdown and if does not burn in both cases, then or in the regulator is available break, or not contact between brushes and conclusions of the regulator of tension (for the generator 37.3701 releases till 1996).