Dismantling of the generator

Generator 37.3701. Clear and blow the generator compressed air. Zastoporte a generator pulley the capture which is included in adaptation 67.7823.9504 package turn off a nut of fastening of a pulley and a stripper press a pulley. Remove a spline and a conic washer of a pulley.
The usual stripper and capture is included in the package of adaptation 67.7823.9504. The last consists of two steel half rings which put in a pulley stream. Half rings have the same section, as well as a generator drive belt. On the one hand they are connected pivotally, and with another are supplied with levers which contract one hand at removal of a pulley.

Fig. 8-12. Generator 37.3701 details: 1 — tension regulator assembled with the brush holder at release generators since 1996; 2 — the regulator of tension and the brush holder at release generators till 1996; 3 — a block of a conclusion of additional diodes; 4 — the isolating plugs; 5 — the vypryamitelny block; 6 — a contact bolt; 7 — the stator; 8 — a rotor; 9 — the remote plug; 10 — an internal washer of fastening of the bearing; 11 — a cover from the drive; 12 — a pulley; 13 — an external washer of fastening of the bearing; 14 — a coupling bolt; 15 — the forward ball-bearing of a rotor; 16 — the plug; 17 — a cover from contact rings; 18 — the buffer plug; 19 — the podzhimny plug; 20 — the condenser

Disconnect a wire from tension regulator plug "B". Disconnect wires of the regulator and the condenser from the 30 plug of the generator and unscrew screws of fastening of the regulator of tension. At release generators till 1996 not to break a brush at removal of the brush holder, insert a screw-driver edge between the case of the regulator 2 (fig. 8-12) and the brush holder and partially put forward the regulator from the generator, having left the brush holder on the place. After that incline and take the regulator together with the brush holder from the generator. Remove the condenser 20, having unscrewed the fastening screw.
Turn off nuts of coupling bolts 14 and uncover the 11th generator and a rotor 8. Turn off nuts of the bolts connecting tips of diodes to conclusions of a winding of the stator and take the stator 7 of a cover of the 17th generator.
Turn off a nut of a contact bolt 6, disconnect the 3rd plug of a wire of additional diodes from a block and remove the vypryamitelny block 5.

Fig. 8-13. Details of a forward part of the G-222 generator: 1 — a casing; 2 — tension regulator; 3 — the basis; 4 — the brush holder with brushes; 5 — a generator cover from contact rings; 6 — a block of the plug of the central conclusion of a winding of the stator; 7 — a conclusion "15" generators (a conclusion of "B" of the regulator of tension)

The G-222 generator understands the same order. For removal of the regulator of tension it is necessary to unscrew screws of fastening and to remove a casing of 1 (fig. 8-13) assembled with the regulator 2, the basis 3 and the brush holder 4. Then, having unscrewed screws, to separate the regulator, the basis and the brush holder with brushes.
Further dismantling of the G-222 generator is similar to dismantling of the generator 37.3701.