Assembly of the generator

Not coaxiality of openings in paws of covers of the generator has to be no more than 0,4 mm. Therefore at assembly it is necessary to insert special caliber into these openings. It represents the step cylindrical mandrel having on the one hand diameter of 12 mm, and from other 22 mm.
The conic spring washer of a pulley the convex party has to adjoin to a nut. A nut of a pulley tighten the moment of 38,4-88 N · m (3,9–9,0 kgfs · м).
At assembly of the generator 37.3701 releases till 1996 (with folding knot the regulator brush holder) in order to avoid breakage of brushes before installation of the regulator with the brush holder into place need be not to inserted completely the brush holder into the regulator, and to push only partially and in such look to insert into the generator. After installation of the brush holder into place in a generator cover easy pressing the regulator move it into the generator.