Регуляторы давления газа таблица пропускной способности. Replacement of bearings of a rotor

To take the faulty bearing from a cover from the drive, turn off nuts of the screws which are pulling together washers of fastening of the bearing, remove washers with screws and on a manual press to a vypressuyta the bearing. If nuts of screws do not turn away (the ends of screws of a raskernena), then cut the ends of screws.
It is possible to install the new bearing in a generator cover only if the opening for the bearing is not deformed also diameter it no more than 42 mm. If the opening has bigger diameter or is deformed, replace a cover new.
The bearing in a cover is pressed on the press and then clamped between two washers which are pulled together with screws with nuts. After tightening of nuts you raskernit the ends of screws.
When replacing the bearing of a rotor from contact rings it is necessary to replace at the same time and a cover as if the bearing is damaged, then also the nest in a cover is damaged. The bearing is removed from a rotor a stripper and napressovyvatsya on the press.