Test in the mode of full braking

Slow down a gear wreath of the stand, include a starter and measure current, tension and the brake moment which have to be for a starter 35.3708 respectively no more than 550 And, no more than 7,5 In and not less than 13,7 N · m (1,4 kgfs · м). For ST-221 starter current has to be no more than 500 And, and tension — no more than 6,5 Century.
Duration of inclusion of a starter has to be no more than 5 pages.
If the brake moment is lower, and current is higher than the specified sizes, then mezhvitkovy short circuit in a winding of the stator and an anchor or short circuit of windings on weight can be the reason of it.
If the brake moment and the consumed current is lower than the sizes stated above, then oxidation and pollution of a collector, strong wear of brushes or decrease in elasticity of their springs, lag of brushes in brush holders, weakening of fastening of conclusions of a winding of the stator, oxidation or a podgoraniye of contact bolts of the traction relay can be the cause.
At full braking of a gear wheel the anchor of a starter should not be turned; if it occurs, then the coupling of a free wheeling is faulty.
For elimination of malfunctions sort a starter and replace or repair the damaged details.