Assembly of a starter

Before assembly oil engine screw vents of a shaft of an anchor and a nave of the obgonny coupling, a gear wheel and plugs of covers. Grease the Povodkovy ring of the drive with jellied Litol-24 lubricant.
Prior to assembly check an axial free wheeling of a shaft of an anchor, previously having gathered covers, the case and an anchor and having tightened nuts of coupling hairpins. At the same time the anchor can be without drive, and a forward cover without lever.

Fig. 8-17. Details of a starter 35.3708: 1 — a starter cover from the drive with an intermediate ring; 2 — a rubber cap; 3 — the drive lever; 4 — the traction relay; 5 — a cover from a collector; 6 — a brush; 7 — a brush spring; 8 — the protection cover; 9 — a lock washer; 10 — an adjusting washer; 11 — the case; 12 — a coupling bolt; 13 — an anchor; 14 — the isolating tube; 15 — the obgonny coupling with a drive gear wheel; 16 — a restrictive ring

The starter 35.3708 axial free wheeling of a shaft of an anchor has to have no more than 0,5 mm. It is regulated by selection of thickness of an adjusting washer 10 (see fig. 8-17), located between a lock washer of a shaft of an anchor and a cover from a collector.
The starter of ST-221 has to have an axial free wheeling of a shaft of an anchor within 0,07–0,7 mm. Change of size of a free wheeling is reached by selection of quantity or thickness of the adjusting washers located on the forward end of a shaft of an anchor.
Having picked up adjusting washers, start assembly which is carried out as it should be, the return to dismantling. Put on the isolating plastic tube the coupling bolt passing under the tire of seriyesny coils of the stator. At ST-221 starter the isolating plastic tubes are put on coupling hairpins.
After assembly check a starter at the stand.