Ignition switch

At the switch of ignition operation of the anti-theft device and correctness of short circuit of contacts at various provisions of a key (tab. 8-4) is checked. Tension from the rechargeable battery and the generator is brought to contacts "30" and "30/1". The free plug "INT" serves for connection of the radio receiver.

Fig. 8-29. Ignition switch: 1 — a locking core; 2 — the ignition switch case; 3 — the roller; 4 — a contact disk; 5 — the contact plug; 6 — a block; 7 — a lock ring; and — a wide ledge of a contact part

The locking core of 1 (fig. 8-29) of the anti-theft device has to move forward if to establish a key in situation III (parking) and to take out from the lock. The locking core has to utaplivatsya after turn of a key from situation III (parking) in situation 0 (is switched off). The key has to be taken out from the lock only in situation III.
Till 1986 in a contact part of switches of ignition instead of one general contact "15" was two contacts "15/1" and "15/2". The contact "15/2" was switched with contact "30/1" and included a heater, heating of back glass and light of a backing. The contact "15/1" was switched with contact "30" and included all other, specified in tab. 8-4 for contact "15".

Switching of plugs of the switch of ignition       Table 8-4
Provision of a key
Contacts energized
The included chains
"0" It is included
30 and 30/1
"I" Ignition
External lighting. Cleaners and washers of a windshield and headlights.
"II" Starter
See situation I
See situation I
"III" Parking
See situation I

At installation of a contact part in the case of its switch it is necessary to have so that the plugs "15" and "30" were from a locking core 1. At the same time the wide ledge "and" a contact part will enter a wide groove of the case of the switch of ignition.