8.6.1. Adjustment of light of headlights

The direction of light bunches of headlights has to be such that the road in front of the car was well lit, and drivers of counter transport were not blinded at inclusion of passing beam.

Fig. 8-32. A view of a block headlight from a motor compartment: 1 — the screw of adjustment of a beam of light in the horizontal direction; 2 — a headlight casing; 3 — a plug block; 4 — the adjusting screw; 5 — the screw of adjustment of a beam of light in the vertical direction

Headlights are regulated by rotation of screws 1, 5 (fig. 8-32) which turn an optical element in the vertical and horizontal planes.
It is the most convenient to regulate headlights by means of mobile optical devices. If they are absent, then adjustment can be carried out by means of the screen.
Put completely filled and equipped car, with load of 735 N (75 kgfs) on the driver's seat, on the flat horizontal platform in 5 m from a smooth wall or any screen (a board of plywood about 2x1 m in size, etc.) so that the car axis to it was perpendicular. Before a marking of the screen make sure that air pressure in tires normal, and then rock the car sideways that springs of suspension brackets were established.

Fig. 8-33. Scheme of adjustment of light of headlights

Draw vertical lines on the screen (fig. 8-33): axial 0 and the lines A and B passing through the points E corresponding to the centers of headlights. These lines have to be symmetric to rather axial line of the car. At height of h corresponding to distance of the centers of headlights from a floor draw a line 1 and below it on 75 mm — the line of 2 centers of light spots.
Install the handle of the hydroproofreader of headlights on dashboards in the situation corresponding to car loading one driver. If on the car there is no hydroproofreader of headlights, then turn the adjusting screws 4 (see fig. 8-32) inserted into block headlights instead of working cylinders of the hydroproofreader in extreme left situation.
Turn on passing beam of headlights. Consistently, at first for a right headlight (left is closed by a piece of a cardboard or dark matter or is disconnected), and then for left (right is closed) adjust screws 1 and 5 light bunches of headlights.
At correctly adjusted headlights the upper bound of light spots has to coincide with the line 2 (see fig. 8-33), and points of intersection of horizontal and inclined sites of light spots — with points E.