8.6.5. Relay of inclusion of headlights

Fig. 8-31. The scheme of inclusion of headlights and fog light in back lamps: 1 — block headlights; 2 — the assembly block; 3 — the switch of light of headlights in the three-lever switch; 4 — the switch of external lighting; 5 — the switch of tail fog light; 6 — back lamps;
7 — a safety lock of a chain of tail fog light; 8 — the control lamp of fog light located in the block of control lamps;
9 — the control lamp of driving beam of headlights located in a speedometer; 10 — the ignition switch; P5 — the relay of inclusion of driving beam of headlights; P6 — the relay of inclusion of passing beam of headlights. And — a view of the shtekerny socket of a block headlight: 1 — the plug of passing beam; 2 — the plug of driving beam; 3 — the weight plug; 4 — the plug of dimensional light; B — to the generator 30 plug. In – conclusions of the printed circuit board of a back lamp (numbering of conclusions from edge of a payment): 1 — on weight; 2 — to a stoplight lamp; 3 — to a lamp of dimensional light; 4 — to a lamp of fog light; 5 — to a backing light lamp; 6 — to a lamp of the index of turn

The P5 and P6 relays (see fig. 8-31) type 113.3747 installed in the assembly block are used to inclusion of headlights. The same relays are used to turning on of the electric motor of the fan of the cooling system of the engine and to inclusion of heating of back glass and sound signals.
Tension of turning on of the relay at a temperature (23±5) °C makes no more than 8 V, and winding resistance equally (85±8,5) Ohms at 20 °C.
Instead of the relay 113.3747 it is possible to use the new interchangeable relays of 90.3747-11 type having a plastic cover and a little increased sizes. And instead of relays 113.3747-10 which on a cover have an arm for fastening it is possible to use the relay 90.3747-10 (with an arm). Characteristics of new relays same, as at the relay of 113.3747 type.
Still relays of 902.3747-11 type (without arm) and 902.3747-10 are issued (with an arm). These relays are generally used on cars with system of injection of fuel and differ in addition of the pomekhopodavitelny resistor which is connected parallel to a relay winding. At these relays resistance between conclusions "85" and "86" makes (72±8) Ohms. The specified relays can be used instead of the relay of 113.3747 type too.