8.7.1. Definition of malfunctions of sound signals

The reasons of malfunctions of sound signals can be the following: the switch does not work or jams, the sound signal or the relay of inclusion of signals is spoiled.
For failure detection check reliability of connection of wires, a condition of contacts of the switch and relay. If necessary smooth out contacts. Replace a faulty sound signal, the switch or the relay new.
If force of sounding of a signal decreases or will appear rattle, check whether tension of the rechargeable battery is lowered. If it is normal, then adjust a signal turn of the screw on its case in this or that party before receiving a loud and pure sound.
If adjustment does not eliminate rattle or the signal works falteringly, then sort a signal and smooth out contacts of its breaker.
At assembly of a signal it is necessary to establish former laying between a membrane and the case of a signal not to break a gap between the core and an anchor.