8.8.1. Repair

Fig. 8-36. Scheme of inclusion of a cleaner and washer of a windshield: 1 — a thermobimetallic safety lock; 2 — a motor-reducer of screenwash; 3 — the windshield washer electric motor; 4 — the assembly block; 5 — the washer switch in the three-lever switch; 6 — the cleaner switch in the three-lever switch; 7 — the relay of screenwash; 8 — the ignition switch; And — to the generator 30 plug; B — an order of conditional numbering of plugs in blocks of a motor-reducer and the relay of a cleaner

The electric circuit of inclusion of screenwash is submitted in fig. 8-36.
Repair of a cleaner consists, generally in editing of the deformed details of the lever drive or replacement with their new. The faulty motor-reducer is recommended to be replaced new. From repair work on a motor-reducer only replacement of a gear wheel of a reducer, cleaning of a collector and adjustment of the trailer switch is allowed.