8.9. Cleaner of headlights

At the initial moment of inclusion of a cleaner for faltering work (the bimetallic plate of the breaker for the present did not heat up) brushes can make up to 4 continuous double courses.

Fig. 8-31. The scheme of inclusion of headlights and fog light in back lamps: 1 — block headlights; 2 — the assembly block; 3 — the switch of light of headlights in the three-lever switch; 4 — the switch of external lighting; 5 — the switch of tail fog light; 6 — back lamps;
7 — a safety lock of a chain of tail fog light; 8 — the control lamp of fog light located in the block of control lamps;
9 — the control lamp of driving beam of headlights located in a speedometer; 10 — the ignition switch; P5 — the relay of inclusion of driving beam of headlights; P6 — the relay of inclusion of passing beam of headlights. And — a view of the shtekerny socket of a block headlight: 1 — the plug of passing beam; 2 — the plug of driving beam; 3 — the weight plug; 4 — the plug of dimensional light; B — to the generator 30 plug. In – conclusions of the printed circuit board of a back lamp (numbering of conclusions from edge of a payment): 1 — on weight; 2 — to a stoplight lamp; 3 — to a lamp of dimensional light; 4 — to a lamp of fog light; 5 — to a backing light lamp; 6 — to a lamp of the index of turn

Fig. 8-38. Scheme of inclusion of cleaners and washer of headlights: 1 — motor-reducers of cleaners of headlights;
2 — the electric motor of a washer of headlights; 3 — the assembly block; 4 — the ignition switch; 5 — the windshield washer switch in the three-lever switch (at the same time is the switch of a washer of headlights); P2 — the relay of inclusion of cleaners and a washer of headlights; And — an order of conditional numbering of plugs in blocks of cleaners of headlights; B — to the generator 30 plug

The scheme of inclusion of cleaners of headlights is provided on fig. 8-38. They join the right lever of the three-lever switch 5 when on a conclusion of "86" P2 relays tension from safety locks "12" and "16" moves, i.e. at the turned-on passing or driving light of headlights (see fig. 8-31).
Motor-reducers of cleaners of headlights consist of the electric motor and a reducer united in one knot. Motor-reducer design non-demountable and not maintainable. Therefore in case of malfunction it has to be replaced with new.
The P2 relay is used type 112.3747. Characteristics of the relay same, as well as at the relay 113.3747 described in the head "Lighting and the light alarm system", and it differs in existence of a contact rack "88" with which in normal situation "30" anchors of the relay will close contact.

Data for check of the electric motor of a cleaner of headlights
Rated voltage,        B 12
The consumed current * at the moment of 0,49 N · m (0,05 kgfs · l)        no more, than A 1,5
Number of the double courses of a shaft * in a minute at the moment of 0,49 N · m (0,05 kgfs · l)        50
* At a voltage of 12 V and temperature of 25 °C.