9.1.1. Removal and installation

Fig. 9-1. Removal of a door: 1 — the limiter of opening of a door; 2 — a loop; 3 — the screw of fastening of a loop; 4 — an impact driver. The arrow showed the direction of blow to the screw-driver

Disconnect the limiter 1 (fig. 9-1) of a door from a rack, having beaten out a fastening finger.
At a forward door disconnect the electric wires going to a lamp of the alarm system of an open door.
Holding a door in open situation, turn out an impact driver 4 screws 3 fastenings of loops 2 to a body rack.
Installation of a door is carried out upside-down. Before final tightening of screws of fastening of loops adjust gaps between a door and a body.