9.10.2. Body repaint synthetic enamel

Wash up a body water and the pallet or a brush remove the old exfoliated covering from defective sites.
Carry out wet grinding of the painted surfaces by grinding skins 68C 8-P or 55C 4-P. At a small thickness of the covering which does not have mechanical damages grind a surface to epoxy soil of factory coloring. At considerable corrosion, and also smooth out the surfaces which are earlier painted by nitroenamel to metal.
Wash up a body water, to an obduyta compressed air and dry up.
Degrease the painted surfaces white spirit or BR-1 gasoline-solvent and miss the mark with sealing mastic "D-4A Plastisol" welded seams and joints of the replaced details. Remove surplus of mastic with the rags moistened with white spirit.
Isolate the surfaces which are not subject to coloring dense paper and an adhesive tape.
Apply on the sites of a surface which are smoothed out to metal with a kraskoraspylitel GF-073 or VL-023 soil and give endurance of 5 min. Viscosity of soil has to be 22–24 with at a temperature of 20 °C on the VZ-4 viscometer. Dilute soil with a xylol.
Apply with Kraskoraspylitel EP-0228 soil on the surfaces covered with GF-073 or VL-023 soil and also on the replaced body details, and dry at a temperature of 90 °C within 60 min. Before drawing add to EP-0228 soil сиккатив NF-1 6-8% or the MTT-75 3-4 catalyst of % of soil weight. An expiration date of ready soil with the catalyst 7 hour. Viscosity of soil has to be 23–25 with on the VZ-4 viscometer. It is possible to dilute with the RE-11V solvent or a xylol.
Cool a body, carry out wet grinding by a skin 55C 4-P, wash up water, to an obduyta compressed air and dry.
Zashpatlyuyte if necessary uneven places MC-OO-6 filling no more than 0,3 mm thick. Dilute the thickened filling with a xylol to the viscosity convenient for drawing.
Dry a body within 30 min. at a temperature of 18-20 °C, grind zashpatlevanny surfaces a grinding skin 55C 4-P, wash out a body, blow compressed air and dry.
Isolate unpainted surfaces of a body dense paper, an adhesive tape and install it in the painting camera.
Degrease the painted surfaces white spirit.
Open doors, a cowl, a trunk lid and apply with a kraskoraspylitel two layers of ML-197 or ML-1195 enamel with intermediate endurance of 7-10 min. on the internal painted surfaces of salon, doorways, face surfaces of doors, a motor compartment and the luggage compartment.
Apply three layers of enamel on external surfaces of a body with intermediate endurance of 7-10 min.
Dry a covering at a temperature of 90 °C within 1 hour and cool under natural conditions.
Before use add 10% of the DGU-70 catalyst to enamel. For ML-197 enamels use of 20% - a leg of maleic anhydride in ethyl acetate is allowed. Viscosity of enamel has to be 20 with on VZ-4. Dilute enamel with the R-197 solvent with the subsequent filtering through a grid No. 015K.
If it is necessary to remove an old complex covering, use a washing of SP-7. You put with its brush 2–3 times depending on thickness of a paint and varnish covering.
Covering softening time washing of 30-40 min. With a brush or the pallet remove the softened covering.
Wipe a surface with white spirit for removal of the remains of a remover, plentifully wash out water and dry a body.