9.3.4. Removal, installation and adjustment of provision of a trunk lid

Removal and installation of a cover are similar to removal and installation of a cowl, except for an emphasis detachment.

Fig. 9-10. Removal of a trunk lid: 1 — the cover lock; 2 — a trunk lid; 3 — a nut of fastening of a loop; 4 — a loop; 5 — a trunk lid sealant; 6 — a lock clamp; 7 — the torsion

The provision of a trunk lid of 2 (fig. 9-10) is regulated as well as the provision of a cowl.

Fig. 9-11. Luggage carrier lock: 1 — a rotor axis; 2 — a lock case cover; 3 — the lock drive extender; 4 — the lever; 5 — a spring; 6 — a rotor; 7 — the lock case; 8 — a clamp; 9 — a clamp plate

If the lock (fig. 9-11) of a cover opens or locked with effort, adjust position of the lock, for this purpose:
— outline contours of the case 7 of the lock and a plate of the 9th clamp 8;
— weaken nuts of fastening of the lock and bolts of fastening of a clamp;
— move the case of the lock and a clamp to new situation;
— slightly tighten nuts and bolts, check work and finally fix the lock.
The effort necessary дпя opening of a cover, is regulated by shift of the ends of torsions 7 (see fig. 9-10) on one of the fixing teeth of a loop 4.