9.3.5. Removal and installation of bumpers

Fig. 9-12. Front bumper: 1 — a slip; 2 — a bumper; 3 — a bumper cap; 4 — the screw of fastening of a cap; 5 — an internal arm; 6 — a bumper connector with a forward arm; 7 — a bolt of fastening of a bumper; 8 — a bolt of fastening of a slip; 9 — a bolt of fastening of a connector to an internal arm; 10 — a rubber sealant; 11 — a bolt of fastening of an internal arm to a body

Bumpers fasten to a body bolts of 9 (fig. 9-12) to internal arms 5 by means of connectors 6.
Connectors 6 have eyes for towage.
For removal of a bumper turn off two bolts of the 9th fastening of both connectors 6.
The rear bumper is removed to similarly forward.
Carry out installation of bumpers upside-down.