9.4.1. Replacement of a windshield

Fig. 9-13. Removal of a windshield

To take out the damaged glass, remove levers of screen wipers, a fringing of a sealant and, pressing the top corners of glass, squeeze out it outside. At the same time the assistant has to hold glass outside (fig. 9-13).
At installation of a windshield:

Fig. 9-14. A windshield with a sealant assembled: 1 — a pimple for a water drain; 2 — facing of a fringing of a sealant; 3 — a sealant fringing; 4 — glass; 5 — a sealant; 6 — a flange of an aperture of a wind window

— wash out gasoline grooves of a sealant (fig. 9-14);
— put on a sealant 5 with a fringing 3 glass;

Fig. 9-15. Installation of a windshield: 1 — a cord дпя installations of a windshield; 2 — a sealant

— enclose a cord in a groove by which the sealant of 2 (fig. 9-15) is put on a body aperture flange 1 by means of the screw-driver;
— establish glass in an aperture of a body and pull the ends of a cord from within a body that the sealant sat down on the place. The assistant has to press slightly on glass outside.