9.5.2. Dismantling and assembly of delivery pumps of washers

Fig. 9-17. Windshield washer pump: 1 — the electric motor; 2 — a cover of the feeding tank; 3 — the coupling; 4 — a liquid supply tube; 5 — a pump housing; 6 — a rotor shaft; 7 — a rotor shaft support; 8 — a rim with a filter grid; 9 — a rotor

The delivery pump and the electric motor 1 (see fig. 9-17) fasten screws with nuts to a cover 2.
For dismantling of the pump unscrew screws, remove the electric motor and a cover, disconnect a tube 4 supply of liquid.
Having hooked a rim 8 for edge, remove it together with a filter grid.
Remove the coupling 3, then carefully tapping on a shaft of the 6th rotor 9, push out a support 7 and take out a shaft with a rotor.
Carry out assembly upside-down.