9.5.3. Removal and installation of jets of a washer of a windshield

In case of a contamination of jets remove and sort them.

Fig. 9 — 18. Windshield washer jet: 1 — a spray; 2 — the screw; 3 — the plug; 4 — the jet case with the union

From a box of airinflow of a body slightly squeeze the plastic plug 3 (fig. 9 — 18.), and from above, picking up it the screw-driver and overcoming resistance, take out a jet assembled with the plug.
Turn out the screw 2, carefully clear all details and blow compressed air a cavity of the case 4 and a spray 1.
After assembly insert the plug 3 into a body opening. Then sharply insert a jet into the plug 3 that the case 4 a groove rose in plug zakraina.
Check action of a jet.
Adjust the direction of a stream of liquid turn of the case 4 in the plug 3 or turn of a spray 1 when weakening the screw 2.