9.7.1. Removal and installation

Fig. 9-21. Front seat: 1 — a pillow; 2 — a back; 3 — the back basis; 4 — springs; 5 — a pillow basis frame; 6 — the movement mechanism handle; 7 — the back inclination mechanism handle

Front seat. For removal of a seat (fig. 9-21) move it to the full back, turn out the screw and turn off a nut of a bolt of fastening of guides to floor arms. Then move a seat to the full forward, turn out screws of fastening of guides to a floor and remove a seat assembled.
Installation of a seat is made upside-down.
Back seat. The seatback fastens above two levels entering brackets of the shelf of a back of a body, and below — brackets for uvulas on arches of back wheels.
The pillow of a seat is fixed by two thorns welded on a floor cross-piece