9.8.2. Dismantling and assembly of a heater

Fig. 9-24. Heater details: 1 — the additional resistor; 2 — a fan casing; 3 — the casing directing the fan; 4 — spring holders of a casing of the fan; 5 — a radiator casing; 6 — an airinflow cover; 7 — laying of a radiator; 8 — a radiator; 9 — branch pipes; 10 — the crane;
11 — a krylchatka; 12 — the electric motor; 13 — the spring holder of the fan; 14 — an electric motor pillow; 15 — the gate; 16 — an airdistributing cover

Remove two spring brackets of 13 (fig. 9-24) and take out the fan from a casing 3. Turn off a nut of fastening of a krylchatka 11 and remove it from the electric motor 12.
Turn off nuts of fastening of a bracket and remove an airdistributing cover of the 16th casing 2 fans.
Having wrung out from within a casing of a latch of cases of gates of 15 air ducts of heating of side glasses, remove cases assembled with gates and disconnect drafts from levers of gates.
Weaken bolts of fastening of the bracket clamping a cover of flexible draft of the gate of the air duct of heating of a windshield and remove draft.
Turn off a nut of a bracket of fastening of the bringing and taking away pipes 9. remove a bracket and take out from a casing the 5th radiator 8.
Disconnect from a radiator, having turned off fastening nuts, the taking-away pipe and the crane 10 with the bringing pipe.
Weaken a bolt of a bracket of fastening of a cover of flexible draft of the drive of a cover of the 6th airinflow and remove draft.

Fig. 9-25. Control levers heater: 1 — the crane; 2 — a bracket of fastening of a cover of draft; 3 — an arm of control levers; 4 — a cover of flexible draft; 5 — flexible draft

Turn off fastening nuts, take out a bracket of a cover of the 6th airinflow and uncover. Carry out assembly of a heater in the return sequence. At installation of flexible drafts maintain the adjusting sizes of (5±2) mm, (as shown in fig. 9-25) the ends of covers of drafts behind brackets of their fastening on the crane, a casing of a radiator and the directing fan casing.