9.8.3. Removal, dismantling and assembly of system of ventilation of a body

Hooking the thin sharp tool, remove from a guard of devices of a nozzle of ventilation of a body.
Remove a guard of devices (see. "Dashboard").

Fig. 9-26. Central nozzles of ventilation of salon of a body: 1 — a nozzle shovel; 2 — a nozzle; 3 — the nozzle lever; 4 — a nozzle gate drive cogwheel; 5 — the nozzle case; 6 — a back sealant of a pipe of airinflow; 7 — an airinflow pipe; 8 — a forward sealant of a pipe; 9 — the airinflow pipe valve; 10 — an airinflow pipe latch; 11 — the nozzle gate with the gear sector

Wringing out latches of 10 (fig. 9-26) of a pipe 7 of airinflow from an airinflow box, remove a pipe assembled with sealants 6 and 8.
Take out the valve 9 from a pipe 7.
Wringing out walls of the case 5 of a nozzle take out a nozzle 2 and the gate 11 assembled, remove a cogwheel 4.
If necessary sort a nozzle 2 and the gate 11 of a nozzle.
Carry out assembly and installation upside-down, paying attention to correctness of installation of forward and back sealants of a pipe of airinflow.