9.8.4. Adjustment of management of a heater

Remove a guard of devices (see. "Dashboard").

Fig. 8-25. Characteristics of centrifugal and vacuum regulators of an advancing of ignition: And — an ignition advancing corner, a hail; n — the frequency of rotation of the roller of the distributor of ignition, mines-1; Р — depression, mm of mercury.

Put levers of the crane and a cover of airinflow in position of full closing, and gates of the air duct of heating of a windshield in the provision of full opening and check distance between an arm of 3 (fig. 8-25) and control levers which has to make 5 mm. At discrepancy of this size, and also at assembly of a heater execute adjustment of managements of a heater.

When performing adjustment partial dismantling of a heater is required

Establish and fix covers of flexible drafts on the crane, a casing of a radiator and the directing fan casing, having sustained the adjusting sizes of (5±2) mm of ends of covers of drafts behind brackets.
Weaken bolts of brackets 2 and fix covers of all three drafts on an arm 3 so that between an arm and control levers there were 5 mm at provisions of levers of the crane and a cover of airinflow of full closing, and the gate of an air duct of heating of a windshield — full opening.
Execute final assembly and installation of a heater.