9.9.2. Replacement of a forward wing

At insignificant injuries of a wing (small dents, scratches etc.) execute, without removing a wing, leveling and painting works. After a rikhtovka check a condition of an internal anticorrosive covering, if necessary restore it.
At considerable deformation of a wing, in the presence of gaps replace a wing for what make the following.
Remove a bumper (see. "Cowl, trunk lid, bumpers"), cowl, antenna, forward door; remove lighting fixtures from a wing.
Drill a drill with a diameter of 6-7 mm of a point of contact welding of a waste fillet with elements of a body and disconnect a fillet a thin flat chisel with the unbent end.

Fig. 9-32. Replacement of a forward wing. Shooters on fragments specified places of the cabin of a wing. The dotted line designated lines of the cabin

Thin ostrozatochenny chisel cut down or cut off the grinding machine of connection of a wing (fig. 9-32):
— with the front panel from a headlight down, having receded 2–3 mm from the line of connection;
— from a forward resistant sidewall, having receded 5 mm from the line of a bend.
Disconnect a wing, remove with a chisel the remained wing strips. Align the deformed edges and smooth out seats of a body and a new wing.
Remove dirt and a rust from the cavity closed by a wing, apply zinc-chromate GF-073 soil.
Put into place a cowl and a door. Adjust a new wing in the place of landing and fix by captures.

Fig. 9-33. Places of welding of a forward wing. On a main type points designated seams of contact welding. On fragments points of gas welding are shown

Weld a wing gas welding in the points specified fig. 9-33. For gas welding use a brass bar of L 62 or L 68.
After check of landing of a wing weld it contact welding with a step of 40-50 mm or electric welding in the environment of carbon dioxide a wire of Sv 08G1S or Sv 08G2S faltering seam with a diameter of 0,8 mm length
10 mm through each 30–40 mm. Force of electric current 50-90 A.