9.9.4. Replacement of the panel of a roof

In the majority of emergency cases with damages of a roof its replacement is required.
Remove wind and back flew down, an upholstery of a roof and its accessory.
Put the new panel on a roof of a body and define places of the cabin of side panels and forward racks of doors.

Fig. 9-36. Replacement of a roof. Shooters showed places of the cabin. The dotted line designated lines of the cabin of the panel of a roof

Having receded from edge of the panel of a roof of 8 mm, make the cabin (fig. 9-36) on bends of connections with panels of a frame of a wind window, with a cross-piece of a frame of a back window, waste fillets and side panels of a roof. At side panels of a roof you cut the roof panel above a marking for 10–15 mm.
Disconnect the roof panel, remove the remained strips of the panel and smooth out seats of a body and the new panel.
Align body elements in places of connections with the panel and adjust the new panel of a roof in the place.

Fig. 9-37. Places of welding of a roof. Points designated seams of contact welding. Shooters showed places of gas welding

In the points shown in fig. by 9-37 shooters weld the roof panel gas welding on the panel of a wind window and the side panel of a roof.
Check landing of the panel and weld on perimeter contact welding by a step 40–50 mm. Weld on side panels of a roof gas welding.
In the absence of the contact and welding car gas welding or electric welding in the environment of carbon dioxide is allowed.