9.9.5. Replacement of the panel of a back

You make replacement at remote back wings.

Fig. 9-38. Replacement of the panel of a back. The dotted line designated lines of the cabin, by points — seams of contact welding. On a main type shooters showed places of gas welding, by shooters on a fragment of the place of the cabin

Thin ostrozatochenny chisel chop off the panel of a back (fig. 9-38) from half the fuel tank, a floor of a spare wheel, longerons, the amplifier of the panel and remove the remained metal strips.
Align and smooth out the grinding machine the deformed edges.
Install the new panel and take gas welding in the places shown in the drawing by shooters. Check correctness of installation of the panel preliminary installation of a rear bumper.
Weld the back panel contact welding or electric welding in the environment of carbon dioxide a faltering seam 10 mm long through each 30 mm of length.
Gas welding by points through 30–40 mm brass bars of L 62 or L 68 is allowed.