9.9.7. Replacement of thresholds of doors

Fig. 9-41. Replacement of a threshold of a door: 1 — a connector; 2 — the amplifier of a threshold; 3 — the external panel of a threshold. The dotted line designated lines of the cabin, by points — seams of contact welding. Shooters showed places of gas welding

Carry out replacement at the removed forward and back wings. You make replacement of the amplifier 2 (fig. 9-41) only in the presence of deformation or through corrosion.
Thin chisel cut down the panel 3 thresholds, remove the remained strips of metal and smooth out edges the grinding machine.
Execute a marking on the new panel of a threshold under the central rack, adjust the panel in the place and fix by captures.
Weld the panel in extreme points gas welding, establish doors and check installation of the panel. Vystupaniye or sticking of a threshold concerning a door should not be more than 3 mm.
Remove doors and weld the threshold panel on the interfaced details contact welding by a step of 50-60 mm. Electric welding in the environment of carbon dioxide with a current of 50-90 And or gas welding is allowed.
Weld the panel on the central rack gas welding and smooth out welded seams.