9.9. Repair of a framework of a body

Check, editing
Replacement of a forward wing
Replacement of a back wing
Replacement of the panel of a roof
Replacement of the panel of a back
Replacement of a floor of a back, half the fuel tank (spare wheel) and back floor longerons
Replacement of thresholds of doors
Replacement of the panel of a frame of a wind window

Fig. 9-27. Body framework details: 1 — the panel of facing of a front; 2 — a forward longeron; 3 — a forward wing; 4 — the top cross-piece of a front; 5 — a cowl;
6 — a front guard assembled; 7 — an airinflow box; 8 — a body sidewall;
9 — a frame of a wind window; 10 — a dashboard cross-piece; 11 — the roof panel; 12 — the amplifier of a roof; 13 — a frame of a back window; 14 — the side panel of a roof; 15 — the shelf of a back from raskosa; 16 — the back panel; 17 — the lower cross-piece of a back; 18 — a trunk lid; 19 — a back wing with a sidewall; 20 — a longeron of a back floor; 21 — an arch of a back wheel; 22 — a trunk floor; 23 — a cross-piece over the back bridge; 24 — a cross-piece under a back seat; 25 — the floor panel; 26 — an overlay of a forward rack; 27 — a cross-piece under a front seat; 28 — the side panel of a front; 29 — a mudguard of a forward wing with a rack assembled

The device of a framework is shown in fig. 9-27.
On a body the following works are most often carried out:
check, editing and rikhtovka of details;
— replacement of separate details and elements of a body (wings, cowl, doors, roof, etc.);
— restoration of paint and varnish and anticorrosive coverings;
— putting the pressurizing and sealing mastics.